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Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 We are confident this project will leave a valuable legacy for both the Latin American community and the wider London community. This project celebrating the birth of a continent and it’s culture, will raise the profile of the community in the UK, as well as the perception of Latin American people who can realize the active part they have played in helping to shape the city, since their arrival almost 40 years ago; something which has often been ignored.

The campaign will bring to the attention of the general public, the active role that Latin America and Latin Americans play in London’s daily rich and diverse cultural sphere; the Capital plays host to a vast number of Latin American cultural events throughout the whole year, many of them significant and important, yet this has until now passed greatly unnoticed.

The project will also reveal and re-establish important historical links between Latin America, London and the UK, which until now have also not been noted by Latin Americans and Londoners alike, this in itself constitutes a legacy for future generations.

We believe that this project will help empower the Latin American community, as it will help Latin Americans reflect and understand better their history and their cultural identity. Latin Americans in the UK and around the world are very proud of their identity, they know and understand that it is a unique identity forged by the syncretism of three major cultures: European, Amerindian and African - some of the events in our programme deal with such cultural issues. The campaign will serve as a tool and role model for our community’s efforts and endeavours to participate and integrate into the British way of life, without renouncing their cultural identity. 25


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