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Official message from the Mayor of  London

As a Latin speaker, born in New York, I could - at a push - describe myself as Latin American. That’s not the case - of course - and to do so would do an injustice to the rich history and culture of this wonderful continent.

The Latin American independence bicentenary, which takes place this year, has been a superb opportunity for Londoners to celebrate this important anniversary via a number of exhibitions, concerts, conferences, lectures and festivals.

Although we recognise that many of these countries did not gain their independence 200 years ago, this anniversary recognises the political and social stirrings that would lead to transformation of most of the Americas. I am also cognizant that many of the architects of the continent’s independence spent many years in London, honing ideas that would lead to freedom in their respective countries.

I am extremely proud that so many people from that continent have chosen to make London their home, and make sterling contributions in business, sports, arts, religion and civic engagement.

I would also like to salute the efforts of the Latin American Bicentenary Group organisation for its work with the Greater London Authority to mark this anniversary.



Boris Johnson


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