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2010 marks the bicentenary of the beginning of the independence of Latin America. This is an important year for Latin American countries, their diasporas around the world and in particular the Latin American communities living in Britain, as London and the UK played an important role in this process of independence.

The 200 Bicentenary Latin America-London is a grass roots cultural campaign that aims to bring together the Latin American community in London to celebrate the bicentenary of the beginning of Latin American independence activities that led to the formation of the Latin American nations. This campaign also poses the community with an opportunity to take centre stage in the Capital this year and celebrate Latin American culture, highlighting our community’s important contribution to London’s cultural make up, something mostly rarely acknowledged. The campaign is officially supported by the Mayor of London.

These events will no doubt grasp the attention of Londoners from September to the end of 2010, will create a focal point from where other social needs of the community can be tackled and will allow Latin Americans to reflect together a common heritage and celebrate with other Londoners their cultural contribution to London and the UK.

The campaign will be educational, inclusive and participating with many activities involving all sectors and generations from our community as well as the London-wide community, thus encouraging Latin Americans to interact more with other communities in London; it will also encourage cultural exchange, diversity and cohesion.

The project will achieve a significant cultural impact within our community and London at large, as it will be a continuous and on running campaign lasting a few months. The campaign will ultimately empower the Latin American community in London, raising their profile and self-esteem and helping them realise their true potential as participating individuals within British society.

The campaign will not only celebrate London as Europe’s most cosmopolitan capital, but will help to show and highlight strong historical links between the city and the birth of the Latin American countries. This is part of aims of the project, informing and educating our community about their history and common heritage, as well as informing them and the general community of the central role played by London in the formation of Latin America


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