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The overarching aims and objectives of these coordinated celebrations held throughout 2010 are:

  • To commemorate the Latin American Bicentenaries through cultural and educational events.
  • To celebrate and positively promote Latin American heritage , identity and its contribution to London’s diversity, in order to encourage preservation of Latin American customs and culture amongst all generations in the community.
  • To inform, educate and raise awareness to the Latin American community and the wider London community, about the historical links between Latin America and the UK , and the important part London played in the process of independence with the first Latin Americans residing in London.
  • To organise and deliver events positively supporting cultural and social integration between the Latin American communities and the many other communities living in London.
  • To use these events as a promotional platform for the London 2012 Olympics, in order to prepare and promote participation from our community in such important occasion.
  • To create a space for Latin American organisations to network and promote their activities.
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